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Like Water 

love notes

I am alive, so I grow 

I cut, I bruise, I fall

I twist, I morph, I crawl 

But then, I grow 

To stand up again

Continuing, to be tall 

My lover, is a part of me

And so he grows

He bends, he bows 

Tips and shakes

Sometimes we break 

But together, we grow 

My lover and I, we are water 

Molding a path 

Parting what be 

He and I, you see, we are mighty 

Mighty in our healing 

Mighty in our destruction 

No matter the obstruction

Together we grow 

My lover and I, we are in tandem 

I share his spirit 

With my entire being 

If he were gone 

As would I be 

My lover and I, we are children dancing 

Loving lightly, to days end

Filling the airs with our affection 

Sprouting seeds of tireless glee 

Our love grows, it spreads 

Flourishing, effortlessly 

My lover and I, we are like venom 

Poisonous and beautiful 

A complexity 

We walk a fine line 

Where dangerous is natural 

That is the fear that comforts me 

It carries me far 

From place to place 

I can search, I can wander 

Starve, be parched 

Yet how my lover and I, continue to grow 

That is a wonder

Perfectly enough for me 


from A Portrait 

Act I

Ms. Gloria

Stan Antonio. Born cowboy 

Then floated down to New Orleans 

Gifting parish gals endless joy 

Prettiest man I’d ever seen 


Oh Stan. Stan Antonio 

My one sweet summer Romeo 

Sang when he spoke, a real gentleman 

Like tunes right out of the quarter 

Fell for him deeply, gave up my plans 

Stuck on him like mortar 


When I was in his arms 

The stars came out at night 

His eyes like charms 

Locked me under the moonlight 

Oh Stan. Stan Antonio 

My one sweet summer Romeo 


Whispered me softly to his bed 

Bodies dancing like notes on a page 

Played, plucked, beautifully read 

Glamorous, he was my golden age 


I glistened full lady from his touch 

And the way he called my name 

Gloria, I burned for him oh so much 

Made me a woman, never the same 


The summertime breeze turned cold 

Taking with it my sweet summer Romeo 

I had been warned, I had been told 

Don’t put all your eggs into Antonio 


My body still feels the heat 

Of lying on his chest 

Beads of sweat on lips so sweet 

Antonio, went out west 

from A Portrait 

Act II

Ms. Gloria

Courage, like air we breathe

Is absolute necessity 

The fearless creed

Manifested in bravery


Out of our mouths we cry 

Singing our war song 

Letting known our desire

Like battle sounds on a drum 


Courage, where hearts beat 

Pounding, in race 

Trying to find our seat

Establishing our place 


Brave, to be without fear 

And go where none has gone 

To utter a dream, the seer 

Until the work is done 


I am Woman. I am Courage

Where has she gone?

from A Portrait 

Act I


I waited for my heart at bay 

But his ship never came in 

I was as lonely and lost 

As the the piers on which I stood 

My legs in too deep

Waiting to be swept away 

We were old ships 

Comrades in a fleet 

We had been on different journeys 

Too far in passing to turn around 

Our way too unclear from bombs that had fallen

Shattering our serenity 

Erupting in clouds of worry and growing soot 

Blurred, unable to find a way 


Today, our love is jettisoned 

Ejected from the bows 

Sinking in dismay 

Our love is poured into the vastness 

Too watered down and washed away 


Now that we have been disfigured 

Swept into an abyss 

Our chapter is shut 

Existing in a darkness 

All we had, lost to paralysis 

Our love has fallen to the bottom

Shacked to the seafloor

Tied to the weight of broken promises 

Of lost hopes, joys, tears, laughs 

Sunken and cast away 


I can not learn to tread these waters 

Now the truth has bubbled to the surface

I too may float astray 

from A Portrait 

Act I

Ms. Gloria 

Pain. Cracks in the mirror, in her smile, troubles ignored 

Stowed away in the depths of her years 

Swallows her whole when no longer absorbed 

Spreading wildly from confines of her fears 


Pain the reminder air courses through our matter 

Wakes her to breathe, exist, without remorse 

Shakes her core sending all familiar to shatter 

The alarm to feel, awaken, change course 


Disrupting all

Like wildfire 

Disrupting all 

By force 


Sister. Sister! A pounding in your ear 

Of blood, rushing, to fight for today 

Sister. Sister! Tread on, cast out fear

Like blooms in Spring, beauty’s on the way 

I am woman. I am pain

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